About Us

     The Department of Business Administration at I-Shou University was established in August, 1991. The Division of Continuing Education was established in 1994, the two-year evening program in 2000, and the master’s degree program in 2007. In the academic year 2014, 18 classes were offered in master's, bachelor's and continuing education programs with an enrolment of some 700 students. Together with all the staff and students' efforts, we have won recognition from various fields in terms of teaching, research, service, and student activities over the past 20 years.

      Our department emphasizes case analysis and case study. We have set up a Business Simulation Lab to advance students' case analytical skills while a Failure Research Lab was established to enhance their execution and integration of the related studies. We also highlight the bonding between theory and practice to develop business administration professionals who are equipped with the dexterity of global operation with an international viewpoint, while corresponding to the needs of enterprises and future prospects.

      From the aspect of professional development, our department insists on the following: 1. Developing the students' professional business administration and management skills with a comprehensive and global viewpoint; 2. Utilizing the case study and analysis approach to apply the theories learned from the textbooks and classes to the actual management environment; 3. Underlining the importance of morality and foreign languages proficiency, communication, presentation and teamwork.