Features and Characteristics

    Our department strives to cultivate professional managers with a competitive edge in the 21st century. The scope of the curriculum covers marketing, finance, production, human resources, strategy and other management related domains. We also train our students to actively research problems and solutions for enterprise management related matters. Presently there are three primary features in our department, which are:

      1. Our department emphasizes case analysis and case study. A Business Simulation Lab was founded while a potential case study training and academic research centre is planned to promote students' case analysis competency.

      2. There are three major specialized domains in our curriculum. They are creative advertisement and marketing logistics, organizational behaviour and human resources, and business diagnosis and administrative strategy. Also, a Failure Research Lab was established to enhance students' execution and integration of the related studies.

       3. We emphasize theory and practice equally and provide students with various options and support whether in advancing study or seeking employment.